We believe that our faith is strengthened by an open and critical mind; that all knowledge is provisional and incomplete and the end of education is to draw us closer to knowing God's mercy and loving our neighbors.


Education for Adults

About 10 minutes after church ends a bunch of us are studying the Bible. We study using annotated scholarly Bibles and bring critical and faithful insights to test, plumb and explore our great scriptural heritage. The ground rules are as follows: Everyone is invited. We meet sometimes for as long as 2.5 hours and folks come for as much or as little as you like. Some folks are only able to stay for 25 minutes so they just get up and go when they need too. The group does not suppose any knowledge of the Bible: we have total neophytes and Phd's, everyone's perspective is valued for the benefit of the whole.

Education for kids and families 

Morning Glories is an open, fluid and creative endeavor for children and their families. Seeking and discovering God in our daily lives and in nature will be at the core of our gatherings, augmented by art, reading, dress up, laughter, joy in God and music. 

We meet at the Church of the Ascension in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on occasional Saturdays throughout the school year from 10am-11:30am. Some themes covered will be Change, Love, Hope, and Prayer. Children of all ages (and their parents) are welcome. 

Future dates this year are: 


Saturday February 17th 

Saturday March 24th  

Saturday May 12th 

Saturday June 16th 


Contemplative Prayer occasional Wednesdays 7-9

Almost every other Wednesday from 7-9 we have a contemplative prayer group that meets for 2 hours in the evening.  For one explanation of contemplative prayer click this link for Thomas Merton's thoughts.  If you would like to join in email the church here